Re: Kadee ACF 11,000 Gallon Insulated Tank Car

Tom Madden

Here are some photos of a "stretched" Tangent underframe from their 6K acid car. It's a Type 30 and much more detailed than the Sunshine Type 30 underframe. Here's the underframe along side of a resin Type 30 tank body:


Here's the tank sitting on the underframe:

Here's the underside of the underframe (you can see the splices):

This required two complete Tangent 6K underframes in order to keep the running board supports and brake equipment mounts properly located. Frank Hodina is also working on this conversion and may have a more efficient way of doing it. One problem - you need four of the neat little poling pocket castings that go on the ends of the bolsters. Tangent's "wheel" of detail parts has only three because one of the cavities didn't fill. At least that was the case with the half-dozen parts sets I bought. Or maybe David will solve the problem by offering another tank with the lengthened underframe.

Tom Madden


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