Spencer Kellogg & Sons tank car

Steve Salotti


I'm in the research stages of a clinic and am trying to find out about the above companies tank car fleet in 1949.  I have the reprint 1953 car owner registry book (OK, the correct name escapes me at the moment and I'm not at home) which does not list Spencer Kellogg at all.  There in a Spencer Chemical Company, but their owned cars do not come at all close to the cars I have at home in number series.  They do show in a register from 1917 but again totally different cars types and numbers.  The cars I have  are from Athearn (bogus, I know), plus several of the cars that I believe were made by Intermountain or Branchline numbered in the low 200.

Does anyone have a book pre 1949 that lists Spencer Kellogg and if so what type car and what number series were the cars.  Spencer Kellogg had plants in both Buffalo and Edgewater New Jersey and were a large producer of Linseed and other oils.

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