Re: Frt car populations/frt train consists [ warning...long ]

Cyril Durrenberger


Do you have a layout? If so, what size, what time period and what railroad?

Cyril Durrenberger


On Sat, 7/25/15, Tim O'Connor [STMFC] <> wrote:

Subject: Re: [STMFC] Frt car populations/frt train consists [ warning...long ]
Date: Saturday, July 25, 2015, 4:59 PM

Mike Brock wrote

 > Not so fast. Tim Gilbert wrote: [ warning ... SNIP!

Mike, I think you're overthinking this whole thing. :-) I've seen
your layout. A thing of beauty, but a modest and rather compressed version
of the Overland Route in Wyoming. And all of the other high quality layouts
I've seen also simply cannot be totally realistic with respect to fleets and trains and
car distribution.

Ok, with the single exception of Dan Holbrook's layout, by virtue of its being a model
of a major TERMINAL and thanks to Dan's actually knowing virtually everything about
what was really known to be there in 1970 or 1971 (?). Dan doesn't have to worry
about percentages and theories, lucky man!

Tim O'Connor

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