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Jeff Aley notes:

"It was the same WestVaCo, eventually sold to Food Machinery
Corp (FMC)."

There were, however, two [ at least ] Westvaco companies. As
Jeff says, FMC 
[ a Missouri Corp ] acquired Westvaco Chemical Corp. (chlorine
and caustic 
soda used to produce organic insecticides and pesticides) in 1946.
Westvaco apparently leased the SHPX covered hoppers. To confuse the

situation somewhat, another Westvaco  (originally the Piedmont Pulp and

Paper Company and then The West Virginia Pulp and Paper Company), and then

Westvaco operated an extensive paper [ boxes, etc. ] oriented business and

still does as MeadWestvaco. As far as I am aware, this Westvaco leased no

covered hoppers from SHPX. One has to wonder how many lawyers each Westvaco

kept on staff.


Westvaco Chemical Corporation rostered 13
tank cars with the reporting marks WVCX
 in 1950.

50 and 51 were for storage only and not to be used in interchange. These were ARA III and ARAII respectively
52 - 54 ARA III assigned to Westvaco Chemical Corproation Carleret, NJ
811 - 815 ICC 105A for chlorine to 60,000 lbs
816 - 817 ICC 105A for chlorine to 32,000 lbs
818 ICC106A
811 - 818 assigned to South Charleston, WV
which were assigned to its Charleston WV facility.

There were 6 companies using the name Westvaco Chemical Corporations. see http://www.bizapedia.com/us/WESTVACO-CHEMICAL-CORPORATION.html

Rich Orr

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