Re: Poultry Car Colors?


I built an Ambroid combination refrigerator and poultry car for in Feb. of this year. Ambroid instruction sheet said white sides and dark green for Poultry Transit Company. I have just completed a Ye Old Puff & Huff Main Line Models Division poultry car ( purchased recently on EBay) which is a poultry car, that is, coops on both ends; however, easily converted to a combination as the Ambroid kit by adding sheeting to sides on one side of center attendant compartment. Paint colors in instruction sheet: Stentz Palace Poultry - coach green ends and roof and sides white, National Poultry - box car red roof and ends, Mudd - black roof and ends, and Leghorns LPTX - box car red roof and caboose red ends. All cars black underbody.
Lester Breuer

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