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Tony Thompson

Tim O'Connor wrote:


Where would a Tidewater LPG car have been used? Tidewater was an east coast company, yes?
Did LPG travel very long distances? I had the impression that LPG was a by-product of refining
that was mostly "flared off" until a market developed for it -- So it would be available
from any petroleum refinery in the STMFC era right?

     Tidewater Associated had east coast facilities (reporting marks TWOX), Oklahoma facilities (mark TIDX) and West Coast facilities (mark AOX, for the Associated part of the name). All indications I have seen are that the fleet was freely mixed, but each facility naturally rostered cars of most use to its needs.
    Having found incomplete and/or inaccurate histories of the Tidewater Associated company in print and on the web, I set about to research it, and have posted a summary on my blog (link below, if you're interested; that post also contains a link to an even longer history I wrote). I also corrected the Wikipedia and other web sources, so today the web sources are mostly better.

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