Re: fleet composition


Tim O'Connor writes:

"I REALLY think this whole issue can be greatly simplified for most layouts."

Tim goes on to explain that even with relatively small numbers of cars in a fleet, if a smaller number is used to genrate a train, the odds strongly argue that the train's consist will be different...even for the same kind of train [ example, stock train ]. No arguement on that. However, my analysis of my Fraley was to determine the % of the total number of trains [ 34 ] that would be considered a particular type of train. I was not trying to make such trains unique. IOW, I now know that there were about 6 "types" of trains that could be identified by the car's consists. Their presence in the 34 trains of the Fraley are as follows:

1. Lumber: 9 trains, 26.4%
2. Reefer loaded: 4, 11.7%
3. Reefer MT: 3: 8.8%
4. Stock: 3: 8.8%
5. MT coal: 3: 8.8%
6. MT tank: 2: 5.8%
7. Other: 8: 23.5%

Unfortunately [ I think ] I can't populate my layout with 34 trains. In fact, I am confined to 8 frt trains unless I use infinite staging or reduce the number of passenger trains to less than 5. The only time I tried infinite staging we had several dispatchers screaming...

Anyhow, if I confine to 8 trains, I end up with 2 lumber trains, 2 reefer trains, one combined stock/MT coal, one combined MT tank/MT other, and 2 other. I can add 2 more trains through Buford staging...probably one other and one MT other.

Mike Brock

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