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Even if Westvaco chemical and Westvaco paper were separate companies, being complementary industries why couldn't or wouldn't they do business? Caustic soda and chlorine just happen to be used in the manufacture of paper and pulp processing. Reportedly the largest user of caustic Soda  is the paper industry.  I guess this is getting into the operating side of things rather than STNFC but Mr. Brock's annalists is plausible. I suspect there is more to the "tale of to Westvaco" but that most likely fails outside of this group's speciality.
Mark "I need a vacation" Rickert 

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There were, however, two [ at least ] Westvaco companies. As Jeff says, FMC
[ a Missouri Corp ] acquired Westvaco Chemical Corp. (chlorine and caustic
soda used to produce organic insecticides and pesticides) in 1946. This
Westvaco apparently leased the SHPX covered hoppers. To confuse the
situation somewhat, another Westvaco (originally the Piedmont Pulp and
Paper Company and then The West Virginia Pulp and Paper Company), and then
Westvaco operated an extensive paper [ boxes, etc. ] oriented business and
still does as MeadWestvaco. As far as I am aware, this Westvaco leased no
covered hoppers from SHPX. One has to wonder how many lawyers each Westvaco
kept on staff.

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