Re: Was Fleet Composition, Now Canadian Cars - 17000 CN cars in 1950 in US

Robert kirkham

Tim – can you explain what you’re thinking in your first paragraph in a little greater detail?  I follow why the difference between US cars on the CNR versus the number of CN cars in the US might say something about the mix of owners of rolling stock to be seen on the CNR.  But I don’t follow why that is relevant to the point some are making that one would find Canadian boxcars in the USA. 
In fact, take a silly example:  if there was a like number of US cars in Canada, doesn’t that make the concentration of US road cars on US rails lower than it would be if there were no US cars in Canada?  And in that context, doesn’t that result in the percentages of Canadian cars on US rails increasing as a proportion of the whole?
Regarding 2%: another observation is that if CN had 17000 cars in the USA, how many did CPR have at the same time.  Now we’re up to 4%???
Rob Kirkham

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Subject: Re: [STMFC] Was Fleet Composition, Now Canadian Cars - 17000 CN cars in 1950 in US

  > Next letter shows the number of CN cars in 1950 on US rails is a respectable 17,000

That's interesting, but it represents what, maybe 2% of all US box cars in 1950?
What would be more interesting is to know the DIFFERENCE between the number of US
box cars on CN at one time versus the number of CN box cars on US rails. I'd guess
this number is much less than 17,000.

In the 1950's NP and GN annual reports, both roads report a constant shortage of
box cars on their rails, i.e. the total number of box cars on their railroad at any
given time was LESS than the number of box cars they owned. And when they bought new
cars, those cars would disappear for long periods of time. GN had to struggle each
year to stockpile enough box cars of its own (typically older cars) to handle the
wheat harvest.

Tim O'Connor

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