Re: fleet composition


Dave Evans asks:

"Did UP have any published freight train schedule and consist books?"

Yes. The UP HS published a copy of the 1948 System Employee Time Table and they also published a 1944 Manifest and Perishable Train Schedule #6. The Time Table shows 3 scheduled second class frts in each direction through Laramie. We know that about 35 frt trains passed through Laramie on a given day. This comes from thre number of trains passing through Altamount Tunnel. I should double check that.

The '49 Conductor's book does show single trains with more than one "identifying" characteristic. IOW, a train of many lumber loads and [ for example, 25 loads of company coal ]. Another example is a train pulled by Big Boy 4018 with 10 cars of wine, 23 cars of lumber, 30 PFE cars of spuds, and 15 PFE cars of apples. What would you call that train...other than a freight?

Mike Brock

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