Re: SOO 136000

Tim O'Connor

I just checked my Sunshine Soo Line 1932 "rebuild" kit and it includes a
rectangular panel roof. Martin's instructions say that cars that received
new roofs were all repainted with the billboard letters. Makes sense. He
does not mention diagonal panel roofs, but I know some cars got those from
photo evidence.

Tim O'

I have uploaded a couple more photos of these cars taken in the eighties; they were all in company service by that time, even though they still carried their revenue numbers. Last use seems to have been "route cars" for material to and from the stores dept. Most of the cars with billboard lettering have had both their roofs replaced and side sills reinforced, although I have never learned if both improvements were done at the same time (because I never looked, as it's after my era of interest.) SOO 42470 seems to be somewhat of an exception, as it received neither improvement.

Dennis Storzek

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