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Aley, Jeff A

The Steam-Era Freight Cars on the UP tended to move on one of three priorities:

Livestock / Perishable [fast – more horsepower + shorter trains]

Manifest [merchandise, manufactured goods, lumber]

Drag [slow.  Empties, low-value commodities such as coal, company material, gravel.  Drag freights did not merit a train symbol and were usually run as extras, so they don’t show in the ETT or other schedules – only on Dispatchers’ Train Sheets].


I agree that the DS [dispatcher] would work hard to keep the perishables moving quickly.







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Mike Brock asks: What would you call a train of 10 cars of wine, 23 cars of lumber, 30 PFE cars of spuds, and 15 PFE cars of apples?

Trick question Mike.

Mike Brock fails to state if the lumber is sold or roller lumber. If lumber was sold enroute on the NP, it was switched out at the next convenient yard that a higher priority freight could shortly pick it up. Once sold, prior roller lumber was to be delivered yesterday and considered as hot as the perishables.

   On the NP, from the records I have seen, it would be dispatched as a perishable designation. On the UP, perhaps one of those that Jeff had listed.   

    On the NP, whenever one freight was disbanded at a major sort point (like Laurel on the NP) and joined with another to consolidate tonnage, the new train always held the higher designation of the two older ones. 

    In the example Mike gives, the wine could freeze or overheat in winter or summer respectively, as could the apples or spuds and that is where the damage claims would be. The lumber could always be put off in a yard track or switched out later. 

    On the NP, if the fruit train needed filler tonnage, even company coal, it still traveled on the fruit train designation. The ice melts no matter what. The heaters need servicing, and in protected service, both those things checked. 

    I would believe the UP historical references Mike mentioned yesterday would  cover his question under the above mentioned disbanded.                  Jim Dick

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