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I just checked my Sunshine Soo Line 1932 "rebuild" kit and it includes a
rectangular panel roof. Martin's instructions say that cars that received
new roofs were all repainted with the billboard letters. Makes sense. He
does not mention diagonal panel roofs, but I know some cars got those from
photo evidence.

Yabut... Martin very likely picked up that information from my article in RMC about 1984 or so, when I was under the impression that these cars had panel roofs from the getgo. It was one of the few (only?) published references on these cars at the time. I freely admit I was in error.

These weren't early cars; indeed they are quite late for 1932 AAR cars, and are transitional in that they have the body width of the later 1937 AAR cars, but not the height. Meanwhile, SRECo transitioned to the diagonal panel design a mere twelve years later... that's awfully soon to be replacing roofs. I can't prove otherwise, but seriously doubt any of these cars ever received rectangular panel roofs.

Dennis Storzek

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