1954 and 1955 Tank car action on the NP


Recently on the STMFC, there was I believe a Pipeline vs Oil Car conversation. Again, I was off at our historical societies’ convention and so this input was delayed.

     In some records of the Northern Pacific Railway, located in the Minnesota Historical Society, I had found the paperwork of one such car movement.

The scanned pages are found in a file entitled: 1954 and 1955 Tank car action on the NP.    

The timeframe is not the 1953 time frame I am most interested in however it is close, so I’ll take it.

Frank H Peacock who was at our convention, looked over this paperwork and noted - the 10000 gal tank cars - and muttered some “uh huh, I thought so”.

Thank you to the MHS (mnhs.org) for saving these records and allowing their use here.

                                                                                      Jim Dick – Roseville, MN

BTW, Trainmaster Lee’s letter of the car list on the fourth page uploaded was not attached to the paperwork I saw.

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