Re: 1954 and 1955 Tank car action on the NP

Bruce Smith


I hate to complain, but the named folder is empty, you provide little or no information as to what the documents contain and no indication why Frank would have the reaction he did…  How about giving a synopsis of what the document(s) contains and why you think that they are important and interesting?



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Recently on the STMFC, there was I believe a Pipeline vs Oil Car conversation. Again, I was off at our historical societies’ convention and so this input was delayed. 
     In some records of the Northern Pacific Railway, located in the Minnesota Historical Society, I had found the paperwork of one such car movement. 

The scanned pages are found in a file entitled: 1954 and 1955 Tank car action on the NP.    

The timeframe is not the 1953 time frame I am most interested in however it is close, so I’ll take it. 

Frank H Peacock who was at our convention, looked over this paperwork and noted - the 10000 gal tank cars - and muttered some “uh huh, I thought so”. 

Thank you to the MHS ( for saving these records and allowing their use here.

                                                                                      Jim Dick – Roseville, MN 

BTW, Trainmaster Lee’s letter of the car list on the fourth page uploaded was not attached to the paperwork I saw. 

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