Re: 1954 and 1955 Tank car action on the NP

Tim O'Connor


Yeah, I wasn't exactly sure what he meant either. But if I recall the NP
owned quite a lot of land grant property which began to produce crude oil
in the 1950's -- in the same general area now known as the Bakken Shale --
and prior to the construction of pipelines a lot of it travelled in tank cars.
I'd have to dig out my 1950's NP annual reports but I think that's where I read
about it.

Tim O'Connor

I hate to complain, but the named folder is empty, you provide little or no information as to what the documents contain and no indication why Frank would have the reaction he did� How about giving a synopsis of what the document(s) contains and why you think that they are important and interesting?
Bruce F. Smith

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