Re: another SOO "1932" ARA/AAR box car

Dennis Storzek

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A 1963 overhead shot of a car with its ORIGINAL roof, but repainted
in the billboard paint scheme! So not all repainted cars got new roofs.


Nice find, Tim. Shortly after the billboard lettering was introduced, the Wisconsin Central component of CP's little family of US subsidiaries FINALLY emerged from bankruptcy, and while the Soo had never been known to spend money foolishly, they seemed to really want a new image. Color photos of the steel boxcars with the original $ heralds are exceedingly rare, leading me to believe that the older steel cars were given an accelerated painting program. It stands to reason that these cars went through with the rest during the later fifties.

I don't think I've ever seen a photo of one of these cars that was re-roofed that did not also have the side sill reinforcements applied, leading me to believe that both those improvements were done concurrently at some time after the end of our period of interest.

Dennis Storzek

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