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Tom Vanwormer

The Espee had a couple of Milk & Cream cars (Baggage Car) service to both Los Angeles and San Francisco.  These cars were carried in scheduled passenger trains as needed.  The products were carried in five and ten gallon milk cans with the empty cans moving in the reverse direction on passenger trains under waybill to expedite their return.

Between 1877 and 1918 the Colorado Midland moved milk cans from the farms along the route to processing facilities in Colorado Springs, Leadville, Aspen, Glenwood Springs and Grand Junction as waybilled items of express.  The milk cans were expedited from the processing facilities back to the farmer on the next train.  Similar cans were used to transport fish for stocking the rivers and lakes along the line from the State Hatchery in Leadville.
Tom VanWormer
Monument CO

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Hi all,

I recently saw some articles on milk trains in the east and upper mid-west, but there was no mention of milk transportation on the west coast.  How was milk handled in the southwest and CA?

Rick Dietrichson

Wilmington, NC

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