Re: SP Overnight scheme

Garth G. Groff <ggg9y@...>


From the wording in your reply, I presume you are unaware that Martin
Loftin has the correct model of the SP Overnight boxcar in his Sunshine
line. It's a nice model, with the correct ACR panels and the improved
ends. Maybe someday I'll actually get around to building mine. :^)

I might add that after the overnight service ended, these cars were
released to the general fright pool, though this was in the 1960s.
Probably most had long been relettered in the aluminum/grey scheme. I
have a blurred photo of one taken at Roseville in my old high-school
days. Unfortunately, it was on its way to the scrap yard in Lincoln.

Kind regards,

Garth G. Groff

Richard Hendrickson wrote:

That's correct, John. The original black overnight paint scheme was
applied to B-50-24 class cars in the 97620-98069 series, built in mid-1946,
which were 10'0"IH AAR-design cars with improved Dreadnaught ends,
alternate-center rivet courses on the side sheathing, early postwar
Youngstown corrugated doors with wide seam panels, and steel grid running
boards. So not only the ends but the sides, doors, and running boards of
the IM and RC models are wrong. It's highly unlikely that an accurate
model of these cars will ever be offered in styrene (though resin is
certainly a possibility) which is, of course, bad news for the SP guys who
would like to model a whole string of them....

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