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They also hauled limestone.  There are photos of these cars with return to Belfonte, PA when empty. These cars were used for limestone from the quarries on the Belfonte Central and the Belfonte Branch of the PRR.

Rich Orr

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Hello Ben & Group,

I have been following this thread for some time as I do like these cars, and covered hoppers in general, and do have a question. This question relates to how I might use such a car on my east central Kansas branch line layout. 

I believe I have read that these cars would carry bulk cement and also sand. There is not an industry on the branch line that would receive bulk cement and there are good deposits of sand available line-side. What else, if anything, would these cars have carried? 

Bill Keene
Irvine, CA

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Jon Miller wrote:
"Pictures look nice but the only car that "might" fit my era seems to be sold out (PRR Circle Keystone Oxide Red).  In fact most are sold out."

There's this thing called paint and decals. :)  Pick up one of the gray cars that are still in stock, remove the lettering or strip the car, paint and reletter with the very nice set from Mount Vernon Shops.
(See page 4.)
Ben Hom

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