Re: Athearn 62' Chemical Tank Car - Steam Era?

Ed Kaminski <ed.kaminski@...>

Try my book. You'll see a few 21's that look pretty darn close to the
Athearn model.
Ed Kaminski
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I'm right here.
It was always my belief that the Athearn car represented a 20-21,000
Ed Kaminski
Well, you know how I hate to argue, but the drawing and photo
in the CBC are for a 63' (over strikers) ACF tank car with a
25,000 gallon capacity. If you can find me a photo of a car w/
20-21,000 gallon capacity that matches the Athearn model then
you'll make a believer outta me... but that photo doesn't cut
it. That car ain't close to 62' long...

You can cut a few feet out of the Athearn model and make a
pretty good approximation of an ACF 20,000 gallon tank.

Tim O'Connor <timoconnor@...>
Sterling, Massachusetts

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