Re: Athearn 62' Chemical Tank Car - Steam Era?

rackman_00 <mtevans@...>

Ed Kaminski" wrote:

Try my book. You'll see a few 21's that look pretty darn close to
the Athearn model.<

Exactly. The only difference is in the overall length, i.e.,
capacity. Athearn chose to do an oddball 25K gallon car, instead of
the vastly more common 20K gallon car.

BTW, most of the cars of this type that I have seen were built in
the period from 1960-1963.

FWIW, I have repeatedly talked to Athearn representatives about
producing the 20K gallon car, which was very common through
the '80's. Not one bit of interest was shown. I should have known

Mark T. Evans
Anaheim, CA

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