Re: Early L&N Covered Hopper?

Dennis Storzek

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Ben, I suspect its the brake cylinder hanging out the end of the car.

Why do you say that? The pipe to the BC is not deformed and is still strapped to the end post.

The "backward" facing brake cylinders on the USRA design cars were really close to the end sill. I don't have a drawing handy, But I recall these were originally piped with standard pipe fittings, elbows and such. It looks to me when the L&N converted these to AB brake, they wanted to use bent pipe and the "Wabcoseal" compression fittings that were common by the late thirties, and there wasn't enough room for the sweep of the bend inside the framing, so this was their solution. Seems to have worked well enough.

Dennis Storzek

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