Re: Early L&N Covered Hopper?

Eric Hansmann

Buffalo & Susquehanna hoppers in the as-built paint and lettering are coming from Accurail with their USRA hopper line. Here's what the models will look like.

Three packs and singles will be available soon, as per the August Accurail flyer.

Eric Hansmann

El Paso, TX


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Tim O'Connor wrote:
"I was inspired to see if other railroads did this and BINGO came up immediately with B&O N-26 #233250 (USRA clone I think) with exactly the same solution !!"

B&O 233100-233496, Class N-26, ex-Buffalo & Susquehanna USRA copies built in 1923, acquired by the B&O in 1932.

Ben Hom

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