Re: PS-1 "clones"


If one is discussing kit built cars, the B&O built some of their M-67, 470600-470999 series, box cars at their DuBois, Pa shops from P-S kits. These were unusual as they had an IH of 10-ft.

There remains some confusion about the production of these cars. Possibly some samples were built first by Pullman-Standard for approval by the B&O. There is a Hundman published photo with a credit as a P-S photo. There also is photographic evidence of new M-67s being built at DuBois. To add to the confusion the B&O diagram for this class lists Pullman-Standard as the builder. In Eric Neubauer lot number compilation even he question if these were in fact kits. His listing lacks a P-S lot number for these cars.

Bob Witt

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