Re: PS-1 "clones"

Rufus Cone

I believe the NP cars with PS components to which Tim refers are shown here:

General NP Freight Car Link:

Rufus Cone
Bozeman MT

I've never heard them called PS-1 clones, but the NP used Pullman parts
to build 40 foot combination door box cars at the Brainerd MN shops. And
Evans and North American often used Pullman car parts. What do you consider
to be a true "clone" ? Did the IC cars have 100% Pullman PS-1 parts or did
they mix it up with SRE parts, or Youngstown underframes, etc?

Tim O'Connor

Besides the IC cars, does anyone know of other PS-1 clones assembled by
railroad shops from Pullman-supplied parts?

Yours Aye,

Garth Groff

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