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If one is discussing kit built cars, the B&O built some of their M-67, 470600-470999 series, box cars at their DuBois, Pa shops from P-S kits. These were unusual as they had an IH of 10-ft.

There remains some confusion about the production of these cars. Possibly some samples were built first by Pullman-Standard for approval by the B&O. There is a Hundman published photo with a credit as a P-S photo. There also is photographic evidence of new M-67s being built at DuBois. To add to the confusion the B&O diagram for this class lists Pullman-Standard as the builder. In Eric Neubauer lot number compilation even he question if these were in fact kits. His listing lacks a P-S lot number for these cars.
The same is true for IC kits used by the railroad to build their riveted-side PS-1 box cars. There were no Pullman-Standard lot numbers that I've found assigned for these components/kit orders.

Interestingly, ACF did assign a lot number (5114) for a kit order in which B&O built 600 40'-6" box cars at Du Bois ca. January 1958. These were class M-66 of 10'-0" IH numbered 470000-470599.

From the ACF lot list for 5114: "600 c/s sides, & underframes, welded construction, SRE. ends, roofs & Camel doors for PD 40-8 box cars." The c/s stands for car sets, but I don't know what the "PD" designation means. The components furnished by ACF were built at their Berwick plant, not all that far from Du Bois.

After construction of some of the components, in Oct. 1957 ACF photographed RF&P 3343 gondola car loaded with six car sides. An adjoining car of unknown identity was loaded with underframes.

The collection of ACF drawings at the Museum of Transportation has 5 drawings that pertain including side sill, side plate, side assembly, underframe arrangement, and center sill.
Ed Hawkins

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