Re: SP Ogden Yard 50s

Jim Betz


  I was thinking that seagull droppings - 'widened out' by the weather - was the
more likely ... but I see your point(s).  I think that 'white colored/shaded' weathering -
on a box car - is fairly rare.

  New points of interest ... 3rd cut of cars from the left, first full car in the image,
notice the roof walks and the fact that the end 'returns' run "the other way".
  This car also pointed out the 'set back' of the side climbing grab ... almost a
full foot sized space - and other cars with the more common way to run the
'returns on the ends' (provide correct term please!) show that these same
grabs on the top of the roof are not on the first but the 2nd board from the
  As I said before (and following R.H.'s observation) ... to me one of the
most important aspects of this photo is how "all the cars look the same"
when you look at it as "a yard full of cars" ... and then when you study it 
for details you see 'lots of variety".  When I go to the desert I see the same
thing ... the views are "all subtle variations on a small number of basic

  Final item of interest ... note how dominate the 40-footers are!  (So, quite
probably, this is a shot from the early 50's?)
                                                                                                     - Jim B. 

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