Re: SP Ogden Yard 50s - Bad News?

Jim Betz

  Somebody asked about the source of this photo.  It appears that I 'grabbed' it from
smugmug from a folder called "Roger Kingsford Photos" (sic).  There is nothing on
the website that implies the photo is protected ... but it might be.  I have no way to
really find out who the 'owner' of the image is and therefore can not determine if
posting it to STMFC is 'legal'.
  I -think- that this group's rules are to "errr in the direction of being too conservative"
rather than "assume it is in the public domain - if it is posted somewhere anyone can
find it".  

  Modertor(s) ===> do I have that correct and do you want me to take it down?
                             Right away?  In a day or two?
                                                                                                      - Jim B.

(who won't be back online until about 11pm PDT)

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