Re: Athearn 62' Chemical Tank Car - Steam Era?

Bill Daniels <billinsf@...>


The Grand Trunk Western still ran some Mikes, Pacifics
and 0-8-0's on the Holly Sub (Durand to Detroit) up
until March of 1960, and I believe they ran mainline
steam (usually 4-8-4's)on the Detroit commuter line
almost as long. they were the last Class 1 to operate
steam regularly in the US. Of course, the Canadian
roads used steam until 62 or so (and Mexican roads as
well). Some of the short lines used steam until the
early 60's as well (such as Magma Arizona here in
Arizona, and some others as well).

Bill Daniels
Tucson, AZ

Date: Wed, 4 Dec 2002 12:26:31 -0800
From: "Beckert, Shawn" <>
Subject: Athearn 62' Chemical Tank Car - Steam Era?

Fellow Listers,

More interesting is the date of the photo - January
14, 1959. I
wouldn't have thought of this as a "steam era" car,
but it fits
within our time frame - barely. Still, weren't some UP
Big Boys
and a few Illinois Central engines still running at
this time?

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