Hacking (not the electronic kind)


Has anyone ever tried to cut the sides from an IM or Kadee (model of PS-1) box with welded sides, and splice then into a Branchline body, in order to get a welded-side boxcar such as the mid-to-later fifties production?  Or is this just too lunatic an idea to pursue?

Of course, what I'd like more than anything else is a body molding for Atlas / Branchline that already has welded sides, ten-panel or twelve-panel, but I don't see that happening any time soon.

More germane to what I want to do, is the body material of a Kadee car capable of gluing / solvent-welding to other plastic components?  I've installed Kadee doors into more than a few IM and Branchline cars and they've seemed to hold up.

Ron Merrick

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