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On Dec 4, 7:35pm, Jon Miller wrote:
Subject: Re: [STMFC] Freight car colors and lighting recommendations
I also have bought some "sunlight" and I think I have seen Chroma 50
some (sunlight and chroma 50 the same?). The sleeves have a number on
that relates to color temperature. Don't have the sleeve handy but do
remember what it was?
some expensive specialty bulbs I got at a lighting store.<
What would these be. The ones above are around 6/7 bucks at HD and
other stores. Daylights are the standard 99 cent bulbs that are
used in a house.


Now that I'm at home, I've had a look at the "expensive" bulbs I
mentioned. They're 40WT12 EXCELLA bulbs. They have a CRI of 91.1.
There's some propaganda on the web at

"Daylight" and "Sunlight" are marketing names. See the page that
Dave Nelson sent out
for info on which bulbs have a high CRI.



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