Re: Hacking (not the electronic kind)


There are also very detailed raised urethane decals of a number of different types of welds available in the hobby market.

The name escapes me, but its that decal place that pioneered the scale rivet decal [not MicroMark]

With that you can not only sand off the rivets, and scribe the seams; you can also add  the detailed welding.

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Mike Bauers
Milwaukee, Wi

On Aug 8, 2015, at 7:36 PM, Benjamin Hom wrote:

Ron Merrick asked:
"Has anyone ever tried to cut the sides from an IM or Kadee (model of PS-1) box with welded sides, and splice then into a Branchline body, in order to get a welded-side boxcar such as the mid-to-later fifties production?  Or is this just too lunatic an idea to pursue?"

Why bother?  It's easier to remove the rivet detail and scribe in new weld lines for 10-panel cars, or find an C&BT Car Chops 12-panel welded side car with separate details for those prototypes. Speaking of which, what specific prototypes are you looking to model?

Ben Hom

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