Re: Hacking (not the electronic kind)


True, I would do the Archer weld lines rather than scribing, which I did thirty years ago and didn't like the appearance of.  I used to have to do things like carve off the second (water) hatch off the sides of Athearn F7 models, and carve and fill and sand to get a blank dynamic brake hatch, or cut up the Athearn "62 foot" tank car in order to get what we would now call a beer-can tank car, in the days before there was more than one producer of plastic F unit models and more than two different injection-molded tank cars.  That's really why I would rather come up with other ways to do this.

But this was really a what-if question, just to see if anyone had actually experimented with this.  One thing about STMFC-ers is that some of them are not above just about anything in the quest for a better model.

Ron Merrick

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