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Greg Martin

In response to Ron Merrick's email Ben Hom writes in part:
>Greg Martin will back me on this - sanding off detail and scribing lines is not difficult. Aircraft modelers do it often to get rid of excess/incorrect rivet detail and correct panel lines, and they deal with curved surfaces.  Think about it - what is more difficult, removing and rescribing detail, or cutting apart shells and ensuring that your pieces are proper lengths and square.  It's certainly a legit technique, but why make things harder for yourself?
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Ben Hom<
Ben's right, removing the rivets from an existing freight car is far easier and more productive cutting a kit apart to rebuild into something is was never intended to be. I would venture to guess that if you took that approach the level of frustration would give the project the "glide test"in a hurry.
Ron, we recreated the PRR X45 50-foot single door boxcar car as a SHAKE_N_TAKE project in 2008 for our Cocoa Beach project. We used the Branchline Boxcar; however you could use the ACCURAIL car as well (as practice if you wish to first hone your skills). After dong three so far I could do them in my sleep.
If you wish fine and old Front Range Kit which should be had for a minor sum and practice, if you need help in a generic way, tell us your prototype and we can help, but for heaven sakes don't wish too long for someone to release it or bother slicing and dicing better kits for such an easy project.
Greg Martin   

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