Re: Athearn 62' Chemical Car - Steam Era?

Shawn Beckert


After staring at the image of SHPX 12950 and comparing to the
photo of the Athearn kit at their web page, I'm going to have
to concede this to Tim (weeping, gnashing of teeth). The Athearn
car is longer, though from the distortion in Athearn's photo
it's hard to tell just how MUCH longer.

To torture myself further, I brought the April, 1959 ORER to
work this morning. Here's what it has to say about this car:

Class: TM
Number Series: 12510, 12950 to 13952 (typo in an ORER-for shame)
Pounds Capacity: 20,000 lb.
Number of Cars in Series: 4
Note OO: Cars 12510 and 12950-12952 are Class ICC 111A100-W-1

I find it odd that the ORER doesn't give lengths for tank cars.
You'd think freight agents and yard people would want to know that.

Shawn Beckert

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