Re: Hacking (not the electronic kind)

Andy Carlson

The Athearn ACF CenterFlow (much beyond our era) has nicely done TIG welds, if they were on a No 1 gauge car; otherwise way oversized for HO. I do admire the tooling. Ron's mention of the Branchline rivets looking scale size brings up an observation of mine; many of us have harvested rivets from donor cars to be applied one-by-one to the recipient car. Often the donor body would be an Athearn house car, and the rivet transplanting would be doable primarily because of their oversizeness facilitates handling and glueing. I challenge anyone to harvest the Branchline rivets (from an undecorated shell). These BL rivets are smaller than black pepper grains and it would be hard to even determine the flat base for mounting.

The ongoing movement of finer modeling, which thankfully has been picked up by the hobby manufacturers, gives us the luxury of abandoning formerly embraced and acceptable models with out-of-proportion detail such as oversized rivets. 
 Ron Merrick wrote:

 I know, somebody (Athearn?) actually tried to simulate the weld bead surface, but on the other hand, so many rivet lines modeled in HO are twice or more the size they should be.  Branchline's are examples of ones that are about the right size to my eye.


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