Re: KCS #20820 and 20834 missing from 1949 ORER?

Andy Carlson

If you are looking for the former Front Range 50' cars, they are still available, having been picked up years ago by Accurail. Yes, they acquired molded on ladders, brakes and hand grabs. The FR 40' cars were acquired by Red Caboose and those had new ladders and other details tooled for the post-acquisition RC releases, and are nicer than the original FR. Red Caboose did not engrave the details into the car body.

I find FR 50' cars at swap meets all the time and I am no longer looking for more, even as low priced as they are. Intermountain has lots of parts for the former Red Caboose ACF 40' box cars, enough for dozens of undec kits, though no word yet when they will address the former RC kits for release.
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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Hello Group,

These cars sound interesting to me, if for no other reason than being 50-feet long and built within my modeling era. 

I just went to the Walthers web site and did a search but failed to find these cars. Can someone provide more information and/or an sku# to aid this old dog’s efforts?

Bill Keene
Irvine, CA

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Hello Everyone,

Can't explain the discrepancy but can say that:
Pullman-Standard built 20800-20809, 10 cars, in 1935 and 20851-20900, 50 cars, in 1941. From the time they are first listed in the ORER, both series maintain their series boundaries yearly in the ORER through 1-1962 and there are no cars renumbered out to other series. No cars are listed in the gap "20809 and 20850" during that time and spot checks at 1-1965 and 1-1970 do not indicate any cars in that gap either.  T'is possible though that examination of the ORER on a finer time scale after 1962 might reveal some cars renumbered into the gap for special service.


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Walthers proto has KCS auto cars 20820 and 20834 (blt 1941) but my 1949 ORER shows a gap between #20809 and 20851. Can anyone explain this discrepancy?

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