Re: PRR X29D box car questions

Benjamin Hom

Nate Obermeyer asked:
"Yesterday at the Collinsville RPM meet I purchased a F&C PRR X29D box car after viewing a photo of a car with the large shadow keystone logo. From a little online research I learned the F&C model replicates an early X29D. Can someone tell me what road numbers would be correct for the F&C model?"

PRR 23601-25500. (The preceding number series, PRR 22301-23500, is for cars rebuilt later in the program.)

"Did these have the shadow keystone or was I looking at a later car?"

The first cars were rebuilt starting in 1952 and would have been painted in Circle Keystone. Shadow Keystone would have been applied to these cars after the changeover in 1954.

"What is the difference between an early and late X29D?"

There isn't one.  Don't confuse these cars with the Class X29B and X26C rebuilding programs, which did update roof designs from rectangular panel to diagonal panel roofs as cars were rebuilt. 

"I know it's after the groups time period, but did any of the cars get renumbered/repainted in PC or Conrail?"

Yes for PC; extremely doubful for CR outside of patch paint outs or repainting into work or company service as CR was making a concerted effort to divest itself of 40 ft boxcars.

Ben Hom  

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