Re: SP Ogden Yard 50s

Jim Betz


  Continuing the thread(s) ...

  Someone else mentioned this but I think it bears repeating/further
discussion.  Look at the first 4 cars in the 3rd row from the left (the
first one is only half shown).  What is important to me (and to the
prior poster) is that these 4 cars are all "essentially the same" 
(same basic color for the sides and roofs and same general 
amount of weathering) ... but the roof walks are different for all
four!  Not just a little bit different but enough different that they
stand out from each other.  I'm not talking about which kind of
roof walks - I'm referring to the color/shade of color, the amount
and variations in the weathering, etc.
  I would expect that if I put 4 cars on the layout that represented 
these 4 as closely as I could do them ... that I'd be -certain- to get
some comments about one or the other of them "looking wrong".

  But here, right in front of us, is evidence that roof walks could
and did look very different from "the rest of the car" and/or the
cars next to them. 

  I've said it before and I'll probably say it again ... this photo and
the others on this particular page - reward study. I don't know 
about you but I, for one, "am not done with this set of pictures
yet".  *G*
                                                                                      - Jim

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