Re: Front Range

Greg Martin

The ACCURAIL 5200  and the Front Range 5200 are very similar cars. The difference being one has a removable underframe the other the roof. 
The difficulty is the ends being the slender tapered Dreadnaught end, at least fro our era here. But as Ed Hawkins pointed out there are some prototypes.  I own both the ACCURAIL version and the Front Range version and unless I am willing to compromise on the ends I will be replacing them. OR model in the baby-boom era and I am not opposed to that.
Greg Martin
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Norman Maclean
Tim writes:

I've got one of the D&RGW cars under construction on my workbench. Beautiful
gold & silver cars. I've decided to remove the floor and replace it with the
vastly superior Accurail underframe -- which happened to be designed to fit
the old Front Range bodies.

Tim O'Connor

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