Re: Hacking (not the electronic kind)

Greg Martin

Ron and all,
As Ben knows I don't use and don't promote the use of seams or weld beads when I model welded cars as I believe that the seams become too exaggerated. I use a technique where you first determine the panel line and mark it with a graphite pencil line and then mark a second line immediately next to it with a complimentary color (orange for Freight car color) and let the minds eye take care of the rest. It works...
Greg Martin
Eventually all things merge into one and a river runs through it.
Norman Maclean
Ron Merrick writes:

"That's a useful suggestion.  I hadn't seen those before, perhaps because of where they are listed.

I parted with my last Front Range cars a few weeks ago, courtesy of someone on this list who has a use for them.  But believe me, I have plenty of scrap undec freight car bodies to practice on.

Thanks for all the comments, guys.  I believe I've received a consensus, so now I'm going back to the workbench.

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