Re: KCS #20820 and 20834 missing from 1949 ORER?

Tim O'Connor

I have a Proto 2000 (pre-Walthers) KCS #20855 -- which is a correct number.
I think it was made back when Larry Grubb was still running the show.

I hate to malign the integrity of the illustrious research department at Walthers
but it looks like they made an error in this case.

Tim O'Connor

Pullman-Standard built 20800-20809, 10 cars, in 1935 and 20851-20900, 50 cars, in 1941. From the time they are first listed in the ORER, both series maintain their series boundaries yearly in the ORER through 1-1962 and there are no cars renumbered out to other series. No cars are listed in the gap "20809 and 20850" during that time and spot checks at 1-1965 and 1-1970 do not indicate any cars in that gap either. T'is possible though that examination of the ORER on a finer time scale after 1962 might reveal some cars renumbered into the gap for special service.


Eric Lombard

 > Walthers proto has KCS auto cars 20820 and 20834 (blt 1941) but my 1949 ORER shows
 > a gap between #20809 and 20851. Can anyone explain this discrepancy?

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