Re: Freight car colors and lighting recommendations

Jon Miller <atsf@...>

They're 40WT12 EXCELLA bulbs. They have a CRI of 91.1.<
Interesting. I see they compare a "daylight" (CRI75;6500K) but as Dave
mentioned and jogged my memory the "sunlight" bulbs are around 5000K which
they don't compare to. I believe my bulbs are GE (chroma 50 on the bulb and
sunlight on the sleeve). I'm guessing the Excella bulbs are just one of the
major manufacture's bulbs marketed through Excella. Pricing is about the
same but you need to buy in case lots.
An off topic story. When I was in tech school I designed a color organ
(popular things for that time in history). It used diachroma colored lamps
(75W spots). In regular stores they were something like $15/20 each. Our
teacher told us about a place in SJ that wholesaled bulbs but would sell to
the public and in that store they were $5. An even better ratio of savings
on black lights.
I'm guessing if I could remember where the place was Chroma 50's would
probably be 99 cents but that's another project.<VBG>.

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