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Schleigh Mike

Hello Group!

There was a difference, a distinctive one, between early and late production X29D cars.

The first group of 1000 cars (25501-26500, 9/1952-4/1953) were built with the "short taper" 1-3-4 ID ends.  Groups two and three (23601-25500, 6/1955-1/1956 and 22301-23500, 1/1956-7/1956, 1900 and 1200 cars respectively, were made with the "long taper" 1-3-4 ID ends.  The earlier noted F&C model covers the first block of cars.  Not mentioned is the Wright Trak model which captured that difference with a nicely done model of the newer two blocks.  These X29D distinctions are well covered in RP CYC 26.

I have come to suspect (maybe I read it) that at least the last block, perhaps all three blocks, were numbered downward, that is, newer cars were assigned lower numbers.  Can anyone verify this?

Regards to all----Mike Schleigh

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Thank you for the information. Any chance that you know the PC number?


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