New Upcoming InterMountain 1937 AAR Box Car Variations

Ed Hawkins

STMFC members,
Just passing some new information from InterMountain's web site per an Aug. 7 update.

The announcement includes two new variations of their HO and N 1937 AAR box car.

1. "NSC-2" ends used by Canadian National Railway on nearly 5,000 cars. Listed in the flyer are cars numbered CN 520000-521499 built in 1945 by the National Steel Car Co. with Serves All Canada monogram and green maple leaf.

2. Deco ends and 3-panel Creco doors used on C&O 5400-5499 built by GATC in 1937. These C&O cars came with Viking roofs. Shown are two schemes, as-built with black doors and 1949 repaint with C&O for Progress steam trail. The 3-panel Creco doors also applied to C&O 5250-5399 having 4-5 Dreadnaught ends.

Several other cars are new paint schemes on the IM 1937 AAR model having 4-5 Dreadnaught ends. Reservations by Sept. 30 and an ETA of March/April 2016.
Ed Hawkins

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