Re: St Louis RPM

Tim O'Connor


I'm not sure why, but attendance at Naperville last year was the lowest
I've ever experienced -- just over 200 people. I thought it might be the
economy, and also we had recently lost Richard Hendrickson, but it was
still a good meet with good clinics -- some definitely very good. But it
does seem like St Louis is attracting a higher energy crowd -- and it is
more centrally located. (I think the geographical "center" of the 48 states
is somewhere in Missouri.) And I like the August - January separation of
the St Louis from Cocoa Beach. Not to mention that October often has other
events in conflict with Naperville.

Food for thought...

Tim O'Connor

This was my second time in St Louis.
Indeed a different event than Naperville. It's clear that Collinsville is growing and will be successful for some time to come. And it will no doubt evolve.
Will it supplant Naperville? There's the question for me. I heard a lot of rumour/fearmongering about the demise of Naperville.
To which I have to comment.
The RPMs are like RMC, they are contributor driven. The meets are only as good as the effort put forth and the energy of the speakers. If you're not seeing the kind of things you want to see, do a clinic, or find someone who can/will.
Constantly having the same core group of speakers is boring for the participants and the speakers suffer from burnout.
It's your hobby too. Get involved.

Pierre Oliver

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