Re: Paint color on aluminum PFE #45698

Tony Thompson

Bill Stanton wrote:

Does anyone know if the UP shield on the aluminum PFE #45698 was originally black and white or colored? (I have t he old metal athearn model says "LA 9-46" and is black and white along with correct (God bless 'em) rivet pattern).

       When built, that car certainly had a red-white-blue UP emblem. Though nominally a member of PFE Class R-40-20, both aluminum cars had Improved Dreadnaught ends like the following Class R-40-23 and the new 1946 paint scheme with both SP and UP emblems on each side. The black-white UP emblem was not introduced until 1950, by which time a 9-46 reweigh date would have expired and been replaced with something more recent. So you need to change either the reweigh date or the UP emblem. 

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