Re: St Louis RPM

Douglas Harding

Tony I concur on Cocoa Beach, having attended several times. Clinics are equivalent to Naperville, if not getting better. Plus for a mid-westerner, Florida in January just has a certain appeal. I think Martin’s connection with clinicians was because he was selling a product they desired, ie highly detailed resin freight cars. That gave him a list of contacts, and often via word of mouth from his customers, he got a line on great clinics. Joe’s business, while also model railroad supplies, caters to a different crowd (ie I can’t recall purchasing anything from Joe’s business in a long, long time.) And Joe is far removed from the mid-west modeling scene, and the locals who do make up a significant portion of the Naperville crowd.


I attend Naperville and St Louis because I can drive there in a few hours. Florida means at least half a day in airports and airplanes, as you well know. One of the great attractions of so many RPM now taking place is that more “locals” can attend one near them. It is no longer necessary to go to Naperville.


Doug Harding


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