Re: St Louis RPM

Tim O'Connor

Doug Harding wrote

> Tony I concur on Cocoa Beach ... locals ... make up a significant portion of
> the Naperville crowd ... It is no longer necessary to go to Naperville.

Hmmm... The only reason I originally met Richard Hendrickson, Tony Thompson, Tom Madden,
Bill Welch, Frank Hodina, Jerry Stewart, Andy Carlson, Dave Hussey, David Lehlbach, and
MANY other people -- many people who I now consider to be friends and not just pen pals,
is because I met them all at Naperville! I've gone to Cocoa and Timonium and Collinsville
(Connecticut!) and those are great places to meet people too.

I guess my point is that for me the big attraction is fellowship, not just information
sharing or show-and-tell and definitely not just a local swap meet. Heck, I met Staffan
Ehnbom at Naperville and he's from where, Sweden?

Anyway, let's not kill off having a Chicago-area national RPM meet. Chicago is a fantastic
railroad town and there are a LOT of attractions in the area as well as some of the world's
greatest model railroads -- Dan Holbrook's and Bill Darnaby's to name just two. I know that
several post-STMFC modelers stopped going to Naperville because they felt excluded when
Martin was running it, and that's not good for RPM. But the point about having the show be
run by someone local is a good one, I think. Mike Brock anchors Cocoa, John Golden has made
St Louis into a great event, David Owens is the energy behind Collinsville CT, and so on.
Hopefully someone in Chicago/Midwest will step up and put the energy back into that venue.

Tim O'Connor

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